History of the company

The RICHTER Deformationsmesstechnik GmbH, was established in 2002 from the engineering company "Ingenieurbüro Richter", which was founded 1994. The sole shareholder (Engineer Thomas Richter) was til 1993 in the company Freiberger Präzisionsmechanik GmbH (today FPM Holding GmbH, formerly firm Hildebrandt) head of construction. Since 1994, the engineering company Richter specializes around the equipment of dams with structural monitoring instrumentation. Due to the high reliability, an individual approach to customer needs and the unique flexibility of its products and services Ingenieurbüro Richter has become one of the supplier of Dams in Thuringia, Saxony-Anhalt and Saxony. The company headquarter is Frauenstein not far away from Freiberg / Saxony. Over time the number of employees has continuously increased to 7 employees.

In addition to the CEO (M.Sc. Matthias Philipp) are two graduate engineers (Thomas Richter and Volker Schmidt) available that can inform you about our services. We would be happy to offer advice and assistance. For the adaptation of standard instruments are two 3-D product designers available, which create the necessary customizations in the CAD system and prepare for implementation. Due to the various customer adjustments a high priority is placed on the documentation for the customer. Using the 3-D structure, it is possible prior to connecting the parts to the customer to explain details of the adjustments and avoid mistakes. For installation at the customer site are 2 skilled workers are available, they are trained by the perennial participation in the company for installation art. If assembly work at great heights or depths required, we involve an external company, which takes over this installation work. The GmbH is listed in the commercial register of Chemnitz under the number 20169 The company is 9001 every 2 years via ISO: 2008 certified.