Data acquisition / - transfer

Depending on customer requirements, we use well-known data acquisition devices from Germany and the world. On the one hand, it is possible to store data on a web server using mobile phone access and view it from there worldwide and collect measurement values. Furthermore, the data can also be integrated directly into the company network and the display and processing takes place directly on the data acquisition device. With all data acquisition systems, it is possible to send the measured values ​​internally on an FTP server or as an FTP client to an FTP remote site and this measurement data in the monitoring and evaluation systems used by the customer (GKS-Pro, AaNDoS, ...) continue to use.

With the help of standard converters, the data acquisition devices can also be directly integrated into control systems. There are many possibilities. Some of the data acquisition systems have integrated a vibrating string interface, with which geosensors / Maihak (vibrating string technology) can be excited and evaluated.