Christmas holidays

From 23.12.2022 up to and including 08.01.2023 our office will remain closed due to operational rest. From 09.01.2023 we are again energetically available.

We are still here for you

Due to changes within our business structure and technical modifications, we can currently only be reached by email. Nevertheless, we continue to take care of your inquiries and problems. We as RDMT GmbH are still available to our customers independently and autonomously.

Christmas holidays

From 20.12.2021 up to and including 09.01.2022 our office will remain closed due to operational rest. From 10.01.2022 we are again energetically available.

new data loggers for self-sufficient measuring points

We can now offer data loggers for self-sufficient operation. These can be combined with a large number of sensors and thus record, monitor and transmit physical measured variables. Thanks to the energy-saving energy management, it can be used for several years without the need for an external power supply. Due to its small size, the data logger can be used anywhere for all measuring tasks.

We would be happy to advise you on this. Our team will be happy to help you find the right data logger for your measurement task.

Despite Corona - we are there for you!

We would like to inform you that we, as RDMT GmbH, continue to operate despite Corona.

Our office is still occupied. Inquiries, orders, complaints, etc. are fully processed by us. We have taken measures to maintain the operation and your supply of our products.

Our service team is still available as usual.

Extension in the area of temperature measurement

You can now view a selection for temperature measurement on our website. No matter whether you want to measure air, building or component temperatures. Many variants are possible depending on the customer's requirements.

Contact us.

Extension in the area of data acquisition / transmission

You can now view a selection for data acquisition and transmission on our website. Regardless of whether the data should be accessible via a web server or integrated into your own company network. Many variants are possible depending on the customer's requirements.

Contact us.

Expansion of our product range

We have extended our product range by another category. Through our own laser and engraving machine, we are able to label our products individually, as well as to manufacture as standard signs of all kinds. Our newer innovations also include measuring rulers / small leveling slats made of TroLase (plastic).

We are happy to develop further individual products together with our customers.

Quality defects at our supplier

Unfortunately we have to inform you, that lately without our previous knowledge, repeated quality defects have come to our supplier Helukabel GmbH. We duly complained and complained about this. Unfortunately, the checking comes only slowly and after several reminders. We find this very regrettable after many years of business relations.

We would like to apologize as a company, especially to those customers who have used this faulty product. We have been able to repair the damage in the meantime and now build quality-oriented goods.

The RDMT GmbH continues to rely on the highest quality to ensure a long service life of the measuring technology. We hope for further good cooperation.

Innovation for own product SDM 250/10

To make the measuring process more stable, we have further developed our product the SDM 250/10. An additional arm allows the instrument to be placed directly on the sample to be measured. This achieves a uniform measuring force due to the weight of the SDM 250/10. The measuring accuracy and reproducibility increases significantly.

The device is available as an accessory for all measuring ranges and is recommended for measurements with 1 / 1.000 gauges.

Scanner and / or Tachymeter point

We would like to draw your attention to our new KRAGEX 1500. The Kragex is used to set up a scanner or tachymeter at inaccessible points (for example in front of house facades, over flood relief channels and ravine). Thus, it is possible to perform with fewer setup points, in less time object shots.

Setting cone inclinometer SKN 20 / E

In the first quarter of 2017, the production of the tilting set scale 502903_001_28 or the setting taper inclinometer 502707_002_30 will be discontinued without a Bluetooth radio module. With the Bluetooth radio module, it is possible to automatically transfer the measured values to suitable computers and smartphones. If you are still in need of a tilting set scale 502903_001_28 or a setting tilt angle gauge 502707_002_30 without Bluetoot unit, please call us immediately. Remaining stocks are still available. The price will be adjusted accordingly.

Safety block

New in the program you will find the safety block for saving / signaling your measuring technology.

New suitcase series

Hereby we present you a new suitcase series, which protects your measuring technology against damage during transport in the car or on foot at the construction site. The cases can be supplied with high-quality plasticazot inserts.

Orientation aid for setting cone inclinometer

On customer's request, an orientation aid was developed for the setting cone, which allows the setting cone inclinometer to be placed on the setting cone with high reproducibility. The benefit can be seen in the much smaller dispersion of the measured values in the inclination measurement. The clamping ring (stainless steel), the reading aid (brass) can be purchased from us.

Manhole covers made of cast iron (hot-dip galvanized)

In response to customer queries and requests, we now have the well-known and proven cast covers in a hot-dip galvanized version in our product range. As a result, your stainless steel measuring equipment will no longer be covered with brown traces of paint.

Firmware update Zeromatic 2/1

For the Zeromatic 2/1 Generation 1 it is possible to perform a continuous measurement in one direction by means of a firmware update. So far, only a new measured value has been output when a turnover measurement has been carried out. This update will significantly increase performance and reduce the maintenance interval to about 25%.

Talk to us about it.